Friday, July 16, 2010

Keurig, flavored coffees and you!

Keurig is an amazing gadget. I can truly say that since I have purchased it for my husband, our days are now filled with cup after delicious cup of caffeinated brew. You know the kind--where as soon as it's poured into your mug you lovingly hug it with your hands and slowly breathe in the intoxicating aroma. Yeah, that's good stuff, you say. Sometimes, I switch it up and and throw in a tea K-cup. Life is good.
I first purchased the coffee wonder for my Sweetheart for Valentine's. I packed up our daughter and secretly snuck away to Costco. After belting some classic Jackson 5 tunes with my baby in the car, we finally got to the warehouse and casually roamed the mega store. Once we enjoyed all the samples we could find, and picked up way more snacks than any mother and child could possibly enjoy, we headed to the special display. My daughter chattered on and on about how much her "Daddy Husband" was going to love his surprise. We got home, unpacked the thing and set it up on the kitchen counter. My daughter exclaimed, "MOMMY, its glory-us". My reply, "It sure is, baby!"
Later that afternoon my husband came home from the store, dropped his parcels at the sight of the new brewer, and hollered "NO WAY"
From then on, when Dr. Belof would come home, he would yell, "Girls!!", then turn to the kitchen once we ran and kissed and hugged him, and he would cheer, "COFFEE"
Keurig has a great website. They have lists of hundreds of choices. Amazing things like: Donut House's Chocolate Glazed Donut, Tully's Kona Blend, or Gloria Jean's Mudslide. Is coffee not your favorite? No problem. There are amazing flavors for hot chocolate, chai, and other teas.
When the Doctor and I began researching different amenities to have in the office we knew we weren't the only ones to relish a mug of well brewed java.
We thought it would be a little bit of luxury to pamper each patient, as the treasure that they are, with an opportunity to warm themselves up--before or after an appointment. And, it has worked.
Many patients love the option to sip a beverage and chat unhurriedly. Some even come just to visit--no appointment!--but to hang out and catch up.
And, that is exactly the kind of office that South Bay Dentistry is. A neighborhood dentist that believes that taking care of our patients, and their teeth, can have a profound impact on their lives--one hot cup at a time.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our Office: An Introduction

Hello From South Bay Dentistry!
We are so lucky to be a part of the Apollo Beach community. We officially began seeing patients on June 4, 2010 and have had a great response. We are proud that our new office offers something to the area that no one else does...DR BELOF
He didn't want me to write that last part because he thought it sounded conceited, but I did anyway!

Dr Joshua Belof is an accomplished man and a wonderful dentist. He has worked with the CEREC for many years and has taught the technology as a clinical instructor at the University of Florida. Not bad, huh?
What's so special about CEREC? I am so glad you asked. Here are some phenomenal reasons for CEREC:
1 - Resists chipping. It's one of the strongest materials to put in your mouth
2 - Less sensitivity afterwards - leaves you with a better chance of not having a root canal
3 - Longevity - over 10 years, more than 90% are successful
4 - It looks like a real tooth!
5 - No messy, yucky impressions
6 - No temporaries, you won't have to come back to get the real one put in
7 - One visit. You won't need to take off of work a second time. See, it just saved you time and money!
8 - CEREC is more conservative. The doctor does not have ot drill as much tooth away
Yes, folks, this one is for you.
But, CEREC is not all we have to offer.
We have convenient hours: appointments in the evenings and Saturdays. Who else is open on Saturday?!
We have ultraleather upholstered chairs that have memory foam and heat and massage, blankets, and a nice hot towel to clean yourself up after every appointment. I mean, really, who wouldn't want that?!

So, call the office at 645-8300 and make an appointment today.

Annuit coeptis!