Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Uses for Old Toothbrushes

First of all, come in to our office for your cleaning to receive your complimentary new toothbrush. Then, place your old toothbrush in your dishwasher to wash away the germs. Now, you can use your recycled toothbrush to... *Dip into jewelry cleaner or even good old tooth paste to clean and lightly polish jewelry *Clean nooks and crannies in your car *Scrub filters *Scrub dirty potatoes, or other vegetables *Clean around faucets *Dust the nooks and crannies of keyboards and other computer things *Use a bit of detergent and remove stains or spots off clothing or carpets *Unplug your toaster and use the toothbrush to remove the crusted on crumbs *Use to clean the airtight liners of the refrigerator *Use to comb unruly eyebrows or to thin clumpy mascara on your eye lashes *Clean your dirty finger nails after gardening, or scratching the frosting off of a really yummy cake *Also great for cleaning dingy tennis shoes This useful information brought to you by your friendly dental hygienist, Amy Gane =D

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We've Come a Long Way

I began my dental assisting career at the ripe old age of 18. Back then, dentistry mainly consisted of amalgam fillings, extractions, crowns and dentures. I didn't hear the terms: implants, veneers, CEREC, or digital. Today, these terms are used almost daily. There are so many new and innovative ways of saving teeth, replacing older dentistry or remaking a whole new smile.

Exams are easier and quicker by using digital xrays. No more waiting for the traditional type of xrays to develop, fix and dry for 10-12 minutes. (Hopefully, one didn't have to be retaken!) These images are instant and can also be emailed to other offices including specialists. No more waiting for snail mail to deliver them. Plus the radiation time has dramatically been reduced with digital.

As for the materials, they are stronger and much more natural looking. Tooth colored fillings used to be applied by first mixing part "A" with part "B". Now these composites come in small capsules, in an array of shades, and ready to be used. The ceramic used to make crowns is four times stronger than porcelain. When possible these crowns can be made in one visit in the office. There are no impressions, no temporaries and no waiting for 3 weeks. Also, they are more conservative to prepare. More natural tooth structure is left, lessening the chance of sensitivity. I'm proud to work at South Bay Dentistry and offer those one visit crowns.

Whitening teeth has never been easier. A bright smile can really change one's outlook on life. It can bring about a new confidence. Take-home whitening gel and custom trays are worn for about 15 minutes a day for a couple of weeks. After that, they are worn only to maintain the brighter shade.

Even straightening teeth has evolved. And they're not just for kids anymore. With procedures like 6 Month Smiles and Invisalign, a beautiful smile can be achieved without traditional metal brackets and wires. Furthermore, it can be done in a shorter amount of time; months rather than years.

Technology has made being a dental assistant rewarding and very fun. It's exciting to be a part of a profession that helps people not only look better but feel better about themselves!!

Anita, Dental Assistant Extraordinaire

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Run, Anita, Run!!

You have heard her voice and you've met her during your appointments. Who is she? Anita, our lovely assistant!

We have been blessed at South Bay Dentistry to have had Anita since December 1 and have been so busy we have not been able to announce it until now. We have to say, our office is even more fun because of her.

Anita has lived most of her life in Parrish. She has a great family: her husband, Blair, and their two grown sons, Brett and Blake, whom are the loves of her life.

She is a runner and enjoys participating in races. In fact, she has just been a part of the Gasparilla 5k and during Christmas joined many at the Jingle Bell run in Bradenton. See the ultra cool photo above.

Anita loves Italian food and uses cooking as her outlet. She has road tripped all over the country with her family. She is most unique in that she has found her calling early in life. During her senior year in high school, a counselor recommended she pursue nursing or dental assisting. We're super psyched she chose the latter.
Because, really, does anything beat dentistry?! Nope.

Anita is pretty cool. You can stop by the office and meet her, if you haven't already, and chat about just anything: Team Jacob, the novel she is writing, the movie she's been in, or even the muffins she baked for her son and his roommates.

Gee, this lady sounds perfect!!