Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Run, Anita, Run!!

You have heard her voice and you've met her during your appointments. Who is she? Anita, our lovely assistant!

We have been blessed at South Bay Dentistry to have had Anita since December 1 and have been so busy we have not been able to announce it until now. We have to say, our office is even more fun because of her.

Anita has lived most of her life in Parrish. She has a great family: her husband, Blair, and their two grown sons, Brett and Blake, whom are the loves of her life.

She is a runner and enjoys participating in races. In fact, she has just been a part of the Gasparilla 5k and during Christmas joined many at the Jingle Bell run in Bradenton. See the ultra cool photo above.

Anita loves Italian food and uses cooking as her outlet. She has road tripped all over the country with her family. She is most unique in that she has found her calling early in life. During her senior year in high school, a counselor recommended she pursue nursing or dental assisting. We're super psyched she chose the latter.
Because, really, does anything beat dentistry?! Nope.

Anita is pretty cool. You can stop by the office and meet her, if you haven't already, and chat about just anything: Team Jacob, the novel she is writing, the movie she's been in, or even the muffins she baked for her son and his roommates.

Gee, this lady sounds perfect!!

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