Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Uses for Old Toothbrushes

First of all, come in to our office for your cleaning to receive your complimentary new toothbrush. Then, place your old toothbrush in your dishwasher to wash away the germs. Now, you can use your recycled toothbrush to... *Dip into jewelry cleaner or even good old tooth paste to clean and lightly polish jewelry *Clean nooks and crannies in your car *Scrub filters *Scrub dirty potatoes, or other vegetables *Clean around faucets *Dust the nooks and crannies of keyboards and other computer things *Use a bit of detergent and remove stains or spots off clothing or carpets *Unplug your toaster and use the toothbrush to remove the crusted on crumbs *Use to clean the airtight liners of the refrigerator *Use to comb unruly eyebrows or to thin clumpy mascara on your eye lashes *Clean your dirty finger nails after gardening, or scratching the frosting off of a really yummy cake *Also great for cleaning dingy tennis shoes This useful information brought to you by your friendly dental hygienist, Amy Gane =D

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